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EP 38 How to Be the Modern Day Esther for Overwhelmed Working Moms. How You Can Become a Hero Like Esther in the Bible through Bold, Courageous Action

April 21, 2021

EP 38 How to Be the Modern Day Esther for Overwhelmed Working Moms. How You Can Become a Hero Like Esther in the Bible through Bold, Courageous Action

Hey ladies today, we're going to talk about an awesome character in the Bible. And that is Esther. We're going to talk about how the name of God was not even mentioned in the book of Esther. We're going to talk about what she needed to overcome the fear to take the bold courageous action that she took, even though she could have faced death. And we're going to talk about what reward she got when she did take that bold and courageous action. And let me just remind you that every single one of you are a modern day hero like Esther.

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So our story today about Esther and what the heck that has to do with you. I wanted to just speak to my mommas, who are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out and burnt out. I know that you are feeling kind of completely unbalanced and maybe you're feeling like you don't really know what your purpose is. Well, I hope today's story of Esther really encourages you to help you find that purpose. But I also wanted to help you get back into the place where we can fix the foundation of your Holy made life. What I'm offering is I've got a place for three women this month, and I am going to help you rebalance the foundation of your Holy made life. Okay, we're going to go through your identity. We're going to identify where it is that needs to change. We're going to define what success and balance looks like for you.

We're going to work together to kind of embrace where we've been, where you are and where you're going. And then we're going to come up with an action plan so that you know exactly what to do on a daily basis to help you lead the more balanced life that God has intended for you. You have been created for a purpose on purpose. And I want to make sure that you are living that thing out because there are people in your life, SIS waiting on you. They're waiting on you to fulfill that purpose, just like they were waiting on Ester. So grab a session. Angie, tonyRogers@gmail.com. Now let's get into today's episode. Okay. So the book of Esther, well, this is the only book that doesn't mention the name of God. Now that doesn't mean that God wasn't all up in there. Okay. God was permeating that whole story of Esther, what it was and what it is is that even though all of the events that were happening in Esther seemed to be so out of control and so chaotic and maybe hopeless.

It's very clear that Esther was created for purpose on purpose for a time that she was in at that point, just like you, you are today's Esther, you have been created in purpose for a time such as this God was there. Even when things didn't make sense, even when there were clear dangers and clear chaos and really a worry or a fear that she might even lose her life. God is the God of promises though. God is a promise keeper. He's a miracle worker and he will keep his promise. And the key to Esther was that even though Esther was afraid, she took bold action, but let's not forget that she had someone in her corner corner rooting for her. And that was Mordecai. He reminded her that she was made for a time, such as this. She was purposed exactly for this exact thing in Esther, four 14.

He says, perhaps this is the moment for which you've been created or for if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place. But you and your father's family will perish they'll die and you, and who knows, but that you have come to your Royal position for a time such as this, what he was encouraging. Esther was that, look, you're in the position. You're in the right position at the right time, in the right place to make an impact on everybody, around you. And in this situation, it was a life or death situation, not only for her and her family, but for all of her people all of the Jewish people, because Haman had come up with a plan to kill all of Jewish, all of the Jewish people. So what she did was she used her bold courageous action, and she went to the King, even though she could have faced death.

Okay. she was afraid for her own life. You know, no one was supposed to approach the King without being called from him being called by him. So she actually, she was fearful. She tried to hide. She tried to avoid taking that action, but Mordecai begged her pleaded with her, encouraged her, reminded her that she is the queen and she is in the right time, the right place in the right position to do something, to save the Jewish people. So the next that's what I want to point out. Number one, you always got somebody that God has placed in your corner, encouraging, you know, who those people are. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm the one that's supposed to be in your corner, helping you kind of get your foundation of your Holy made life on a, on a more balanced on the more balanced ground.

So may or maybe it's someone else that you know of, but be prayerful about that. Make sure that the people in your life that, that you're listening to the ones that are Holy spirit led and the ones that God has placed in your life like Mordecai Esther's life. So the thing is that she had someone that God had specifically placed in her life at that time to encourage her, to take the action and overcome the fear that she had about taking this action. So the second thing is that she took action and she prayed. She not only prayed, but she joined together with others to fast and pray for three days and three nights. She instructed Mordecai to fast and pray along with some of her, her friends for three days and three nights. So not only did she walk in faith and courage, but she did it after she fasted and prayed.

So she went to God about it. Okay. So at the end of those three days, she would approach the King with the request to save her people. So she did that. And of course we know that the King agreed and he actually had Haman killed the kind of ironic thing about this. This thing is that not only did she save her people, but also queen Esther and Mordecai were then given Haman's estate. And they were honored for their action for their bold creative courageous action. And the King actually wrote into law or decree to protect all of the Jewish people. So they got what they, they got saved. There are people were saved and then they inherited the estate of the person that was out to destroy them. If that doesn't kind of let you up, I don't know what will. So another thing that I want to encourage you with is that when things, when you're afraid, when you don't know have courage, be strong and courageous, Joshua one nine says, have I not commanded you be strong and be courageous, do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the Lord.

Your God will be with you wherever you go. And Jeremiah 29 11 for, I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans for welfare and not for evil to give you a future and hope. So you have been created for a time such as this. And if you're in a place where you just don't know how to get yourself rebalanced, how to get more out of every area of your life, if you're overwhelmed at work and you're working too much, or you just feel like you don't really have the energy and time left, that is what I'm here for. I can help you rediscover that joy and that balance and each area of your life. Let's grab a power session today. I will do one hour for the 30 minute price, and I will be able to, we'll be able to go through the whole lifestyle.

Okay. We'll be able to go through the whole wheel and we will create that action plan for you to get you feeling more balanced and being able to walk boldly and courageously fulfilling the purpose that God has intended for your life. I believe that you were created to do big things and do exactly what God's calling you to do. And sometimes we all just need a little encouragement and a little restructuring so that we can spend some time becoming who it is that God has intended us to be and living the life that he intends for us in all areas of our life. Okay, SIS. So thank you so much for listening. Listen, make sure you hop over in our Facebook group, a wholly made life so that we can walk this thing out together. I will see you on the inside!

Before you go. I'd love for you to hop over to my podcast and give me a review. And you know, I'd love five stars. That's how we can share this thing with other women, just like us. You're five stars and written review really helps me get the word out. You can also take a screenshot of this episode and tag me in your Insta and Facebook stories. And I'll give you a shout out right back, leaving a review and sharing this episode is the best way you can show me some luck. Thanks so much. And I'll see you in the next episode. And remember your smile is like a boomerang, throw one at somebody and it'll come right back.

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